A B O U T   U S

The Cozy Merino was created out of a love for knitting and a passion to bring something fresh, cozy and beautiful to your home.


Founder and giant knitter, Keely Swan, was first taught to knit at an early age by her Grandma and it soon became a ‘small hobby’ to do while facing many years of health difficulties.


She then fell in love with extreme knitting and started creating beautiful giant blankets & throws for others. This then started her idea for creating a small business doing what she loves!


Each giant throw & blanket has been handmade by a process called arm-knitting, which controls the knit size and shape so that every piece is made to be unique and special.

We use 100% Merino Wool that has been felted for durability, to stop pilling or breakage. All our wool is sourced locally from sheep farms in NSW, VIC, SA and TAS in Australia. We are proudly supporting the Australian wool industry.


We also use high quality 100% Chenille yarn, which is durable and extra soft! Our Chenille Yarn blankets & throws are also arm knitted, but at a more affordable price.


Keely has created great options to purchase either our beautiful 100% Pure Merino Wool of the highest quality, or our soft and snuggly Chenille throws & blankets. Each blanket & throw is uniquely knitted by hand and no two are the same.


We look forward to making something beautiful & cozy for you!